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An expert on advertising with Google adwords explains how it's done

Have you wanted to run effective campaigns on adwords-that will start driving a flood of traffic to your web site-but weren't sure how to get the most out of it? Or wish there were a way to maximize your advertising dollars and see higher placements, for less money?

Then the letter below was written for you. You'll want to read it all, because in it, you'll learn about  a top marketing expert who uses Google's Adwords to jumpstart online marketing campaigns, and help businesses like yours increase traffic and email opt-ins, and enjoy improved sales conversions.

Google is growing (and growing and growing...). Google, the world's largest search engine, has indexed over 3 billion web pages. Each and every day, over 200 million people log onto Google, or one of its partner sites, and it currently controls the lion's share of the search engine market (roughly 80%). That's a lot of online searching, and savvy marketers are advertising online to try and capture some of this rapidly exploding traffic for their web sites. Search engine advertising currently accounts for roughly 24% of all advertising dollars spent for a reason: it's one of the most highly effective methods of getting your product or service known online.  

"Fred Gleeck is phenomenal...and right on track with his expert advice...Several years ago I took his consultants seminar. I followed his advice, and am now an accomplished best-selling author and consulting expert for network TV. When Fred speaks, entrepreneurs and business executives everywhere should listen. He is simply a marketing genius."

-Dr. Grace Cornish, Author/Therapist, New York, NY

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From the desk of: Fred Gleeck
January 5, 2004 

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Marketing your products effectively and generating good response rates to your ads are the most important things you can do to increase sales-and generate income. There's an outstanding method of doing this that most people are either unaware of-or don't know how to use to best advantage.

There are many, many poor campaigns conducted online that didn't have to be failures-if only the person knew how to go about creating and managing them well.

I'm talking about pay per click advertising on Google's Adwords. There's been a lot of buzz about advertising on Google, and the reports are coming in: when you know how to use adwords the right way, it can generate a literal goldmine of traffic and sales.

Well, true to my own method of doing things, I decided to track down the man that many people consider to be an expert on conducting Adword and Adsense campaigns. A man who earns tens of thousands each year just in consulting fees, helping businesses learn how to take advantage of a marketing method that offers one of the highest returns on your advertising dollars-IF it's done right.

The expert is Perry Marshall, and he agreed to talk with me, and share how he conducts winning Google adwords campaigns that blow the competition out of the water-and ensure that his clients see more dollars for their investment in ads there.


"Perry's Marketing savvy is stunning. He has unique insights on how to grab the attention of a target niche that I have not read in any other book or heard in another seminar."

-Mark Ashton, Author, Reality Check Book Series
Willow Creek, South Barrington, IL


Perry Marshall shares with you the secrets of marketing success with Google

Perry agreed to share in an extensive taped interview (3 tapes, both front and back) the same methods, insights and steps that he uses to create highly successful adwords campaigns on Google. This is the same information that he charges hundreds of dollars an hour to clients during private consultation, but you'll get to hear how it's done for a fraction of the price in this amazing taped series.

By the way, I'm Fred Gleeck. I create information products to help others succeed in business, and have been doing this for over 18 years. I'm also a well-known speaker and author, with over 7 books in print. I've spent most of my career learning about and succeeding in marketing, and helping others do the same. I've done well at it (I earn a small fortune just from speaking alone), and I recognize others who are successful as well. Perry is one.

At this point, you may want to know a bit about Perry, and why he's so qualified to discuss the topic of marketing with Google Adwords in this taped interview, "Maximizing Profits Using Google."  Here's some information about him:

Perry Marshall is the owner of Perry S. Marshall Enterprises, a major sales lead and marketing firm located in Chicago, Ill. He first obtained an engineering degree (which contributes to his understanding of the technology behind the Internet and search engines), then turned to sales ten years ago.

He entered the arena of marketing on the Internet in 1997, and has never looked back. He took the company that he worked for at that time, and built it up by 2000% within 4 years by using innovative Internet marketing strategies, before selling it for a huge profit. He has been consulting since 2001, teaching others the same "guerrilla marketing" techniques that have contributed to his own phenomenal success. He conducts workshops and seminars and is the author of numerous articles and white papers on the topic of marketing online.

The key: understanding how Google works

In "Maximizing Profits Using Google," Perry shares quite a bit about how Google works (and why you want folks to see your ads there FIRST before you advertise elsewhere). He discusses why Adwords is outstripping Overture and other PPC engines in many areas, and how to ensure that your ads get seen and noticed on the world's largest search engine.

You'll learn such things as:

● How Google determines relevancy-and why this is critical to gaining highly targeted traffic

●Which ads on Google get rewarded with improved rankings (and why)-and steps you can take to ensure yours will be one of them

Clickthrough rates: you'll learn how Google measures these, and what your minimum MUST be

● You'll hear about a simple rule that will tell you immediately whether your ad is a winner-or not-on Google

● You'll discover why "first" isn't always "best" on Google (and which placement you should try to get instead to increase clickthrough rates and sales)

● How your ad listing popularity is determined with Google (and how to increase it with a simple change that only takes seconds!)

Why Google disables some ads-and how to make sure yours isn't

This is just the beginning of the information that Perry shows on how to conduct a Google campaign, starting with the first words you write, and going on to discuss advanced marketing strategies.

"But I don't know how to write good ads"

If you've wanted to have a successful ad campaign on Google, but hesitated because you weren't sure how to create a "killer ad", you'll learn how in this tape series. Perry takes you through each step of creating an outstanding ad on Adsense that will get a high rate of clicks.

He shares with you his personal tips for writing ads that practically impel people to respond. In addition, he shares with you how to test your ads to find out what appeals most, and how to keep improving them so they get better (and better!)

You'll discover how to:

Create an irresistible headline: find out how just one word can make the difference between a huge response or having your ad overlooked

▪ Improve your ad by focusing on the one area that's more important than any other (with examples you can use)

Write your ad with an irresistible appeal (it's the one thing that expert copywriters know, but most people forget when creating an ad!)

Discover how to highlight benefits in an enticing manner- and why this is critical to your ad's success

Increase the clickthrough rates on your ad by changing just a few verbs-Perry shares the "hows" and "whys" of creating action-filled copy

▪"Long" versus "short" copy for your web page (landing page): learn what length has been tested and proven to work over and over again. Perry even lays out a complete template for creating a successful landing page for you!

Once you've written your ad, you'll want to know if it's working or not. This is the one area that most people forget to do, but is one of the most important.

Perry will teach you how to find out if your ad is a success, and other tips for running a successful campaign as he shares with you:

How to test your ad with a simple, free technique-  discover which ones are working, and which ones aren't (you can pull the poor ones, and keep improving the good ones this way!)

How to run 2 ads on Adsense for the price of one (and why you want to do this each time!)

▪ How to create "instant branding" for your product with a part of the ad that most people overlook

▪ Learn the one question to ask before writing your ad-and how answering it can help increase your response rates tremendously

▪ One simple change to the font that can make a big change in response rates

▪ How to identify the best possible keywords for your Google ad (it isn't the ones you might normally think of!)

Market research: learn to beat your competitors from a pro

Perry is an expert on doing market research that helps people beat their competition, and he shares in this in-depth interview how he does it. After following his advice, you'll discover things about your competition that most people would never guess-and doing it is perfectly legal and free!

You'll learn how to figure out how much competition you'll be up against-and how sophisticated they are- for a product, service, or keyword (and how to use this knowledge to your advantage!).

You'll learn what the interest bar on Google can tell you not only about your ad, but your competitors-and how to turn around and beat them with the copy that you write as a result.

You'll even hear Perry discuss how trimming ad dollars, and bidding LESS for a keyword can in some cases make sales go up!

There are times when you want to spend more on your ad campaigns, and when trying to gain the number one position does make sense. You'll learn which situations this is true for, and how to figure out whether you're getting the right amount of return for your ad campaign.

I was amazed at the amount of information that Perry shared in this nearly 3-hour long interview. I asked him question after question, and he answered, in detail, sharing his insider tips and tricks. By the time you finish hearing these tapes, you'll have an in-depth knowledge of how to conduct your own Adwords campaigns!

Using Google to increase your opt-in list

While most people think of Adwords as simply a method of trying to sell their product, Perry discusses another and potentially more valuable use of this PPC engine: increasing your opt-in email list.

During the time we were together, he spilled his personal secrets, his favorite methods, and the strategies he has personally uses when consulting with firms to help them succeed online. You'll learn how its done, as he discusses:

-How to write opt-in ads and landing pages that are an unbeatable combination

-How you can generate 10%...30%...even 50% or more email opt-in rates with the right copy

-3 methods for using AdWords to build your opt-in list (and why its worth every penny you spend to do this!)

-How to determine the cost per sign-up ratio based on the formula he uses (you'll see how effectively your ad dollars are being spent)

The Importance of Keywords: target the right audience by choosing the right ones

The importance of choosing the right keywords for your ad campaign can't be overestimated, and Perry goes into detail in how to choose the best possible ones.

In Maximizing Profits Using Google Perry shares:

-The number one mistake that most people make with keywords that causes their campaigns to fail (and how to avoid it)

-The optimal number of keywords to use for best results (you'll be surprised at this one!)

-How to discover outstanding extra keywords using two free methods online (including free software that lets you pinpoint keyword variations and determine their popularity)

-One simple keyword change that can cut the price of your ad clicks by 30% to 50%-while helping it rise higher in ranking!

-How to discover which keywords are generating more buying customers (and use these results to optimize your ad campaigns)

-Tips for using negative keywords to help your ad's success rate (and keep away unqualified traffic)

-How to use a lexicon to generate keywords that others haven't thought of-but that will drive significant traffic to your site

Perry is expert at helping people who have highly competitive (even "brutal") competition for their product online to succeed and come out at the top of the pack. And he shares with you the expert techniques that he uses to help his clients overcome their competition.

I don't know of anyone marketing online who can afford to be without the information he disclosed during our marathon session. I know that I've started following his advice myself-because it works!  

You'll learn things that most people never discuss about PPC advertising, and hear true insider tips on how to create a campaign-from start to finish-that really pulls traffic and buyers in.

You'll find out:

*What extended phrase matching is-and how it can affect your Google AdWords campaign

*Which type of keyword is always expensive on Overture (because it's in high demand) but is almost always much cheaper on Google!

*Which types of keyword phrases will generate significantly more traffic-and income-for you

*How syndication can help you gain more site traffic

You'll learn how to monitor your ad response rates, learning important information to guide you in your advertising (and help you discover which ad dollars are being best spent!)

Perry shares with you how to approach your competitors, and get them to let you put a pop-up ad on their site, converting THEIR traffic into YOUR buyers!

"Perry Marshall is the best kept secret in marketing today."

-Alex Mandossian, Heritage House Publishing, San Rafael, CA 
- Sales psychologist for Internet and Television advertising - consultant to QVC, Time/Life, Home Shopping Network & Rodale Press

I can't begin to describe the value of the information, or how helpful the things that Perry shares are to anyone, whether you're starting out using PPC engines, or are an experienced marketer. I honestly think that very few folks understand how to conduct winning campaigns as well as he does, and he shares with you exactly how he does it in these 3 tapes.

It's all laid out for you, step-by-step. You'll be able to follow them yourself, and get started promoting your business –better than your competition-on Google (and use these same techniques on other PPC engines as well).

If you order "Maximizing Profits Using Google" today, you'll receive some exciting bonuses worth over $500-absolutely free

I don't consider what I sell to others to be merely "informational products." Instead, I consider these to be "tools for business success" because of the quality of the information that they deliver.

And along with this quality comes my own personal business ethic: I'm only satisfied when you believe that what you receive is far better than what you expected. When you feel I've over-delivered to you.

That's why when you order your copy of Maximizing Profits Using Google, you'll receive 3 bonuses that are worth $500 that will give you added tools to help you with your marketing and business success.

Why am I doing this? Because over the years, I've enjoyed great success in my own marketing (I've actually earned a small fortune doing this). And I want to help others do the same. I'm also hoping that once you see the value of this product and these extra bonuses, that you'll become one of my many "lifetime customers" and want to continue learning by coming to my seminars.

That's why I always over-deliver.  I want to help you start seeing real success in your online (and offline) marketing-and these bonuses are a big step towards that.

Bonus 1: receive 25% off of the list price of any of the informational products listed below. These books and manuals will teach you professional marketing and promotion methods that are essential to anyone interested in earning money by selling. Double or triple your sales, using this proven method for marketing that starts where most others leave off! You can have a great book, a great product-but if you don't know how to market it, you won't sell. I'll share insider tips and secrets that are guaranteed to work in this "tell all " book. this information-packed manual contains a step-by-step blueprint for creating your own consulting business, with industry information, insider tips, and advice to get you started from the ground up. find out the methods that I have used for over 15 years to help others successfully promote their own seminars. You'll have everything you need to get started, and learn to promote your own seminars. would you like to learn how to make $5,017 a day minimum as a professional speaker? It's not just possible, it's probable- and in fact, many earn much, much more. You can, too, using the methods that I share in this 6-tape audio cassette program that discusses the exact steps to take to get started in this highly lucrative profession-even if you've never spoken before! A $97 value.

www.selfpublishingsuccess.comhere you'll receive a full recording of my day-long seminar on how to successfully write, publish, and market. You'll hear the same information that I share at seminars, information that can help you succeed, because you'll have the right tools. This is normally a $97 value-but you can order it for 25% off.

Bonus 2: Receive 20 minutes of free professional consulting with me

When you enter the world of online marketing, it's natural to have questions, and to want help in doing it the right way. I want to offer you this help as you start advertising your business, and conducting your own PPC campaigns. For a limited time, when you order "Maximizing Profits Using Google", you will receive 20 minutes of free consultation with me. This is a bonus worth over $150, since my hourly rate is normally $500 per hour: but you'll receive this bonus absolutely free.

I believe in mentoring others to success, and this bonus is my way of acting on this belief. During our time together you can ask me any questions you have about advertising on Google AdWords, about conducting your marketing campaigns, and other questions about marketing. I'll share with you from my over 18 years of successful marketing, to help you get the right start.

Bonus 3: Come to top professional seminars at half price-and learn directly from industry pros.

I believe in learning from those who are tops in their fields, and who have succeeded enormously. After all, why not learn from the best? The third bonus I'm offering was designed to give you access to some of the top experts in the consulting, speaking and marketing industries. When you order "Maximizing Profits Using Google" you will receive 50% off the admission price to any one of the following seminars over the next 12 months:


Please visit the web sites above, and check out the prices that I charge for these seminars. You'll see that this bonus, by itself, is worth $500! But because I want you to be fully equipped for marketing your business, both online and offline, you'll gain entrance to them at a huge discount.

So, for the low price of only $77, you'll receive 3 tapes filled front and back with advice on how to conduct highly successful AdWords campaigns on Google, from writing the ad, to testing it, and using it to maximize your traffic and your results...advice that normally costs hundreds of dollars in seminar fees or consulting fees with Perry Marshall, that he shares on this amazing series of tapes!

You'll learn copywriting secrets that the pros know, but most people don''ll discover how to check out your competition, and overcome them by making your ads and landing pages even better than theirs. You'll receive a full "course" in guerrilla marketing with PPC engines, captured in this in-depth interview...and 3 bonuses worth over $500 to help you get off to the right start.


I back each of my products with a no holds-barred, personal guarantee:  

If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, if this isn't one of the best, most informative tape series you have ever heard, you can send it back for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked.


People who have worked with me before know that I can't stand dishonesty, or those who try to sell products to others that don't deliver on the promise. This is why I have one of the strongest guarantees you will see anywhere.

if after ordering Maximizing Profits Using Google you don't feel that this is some of the best advice on creating and maintaining a Google AdWords campaign that you've ever heard, if the in-depth interview that covers nearly 3 hours of digging deep to show exactly how to write a winning ad, how to get it accepted, how to test it, and how to maximize your PPC ad dollars to increase both sales and your email opt-ins doesn't deliver everything I've promised and much more, just contact me within 90 days and I'll completely refund 100% of your purchase price-no questions asked.


I stand behind this product completely, because the information that Perry shares is outstanding, and should be listened to by anyone who wants to conduct a successful PPC campaign. I'm that sure you'll agree once you hear it, so sure that I'm offering this guarantee without reservations.

I give him a 10. Fred Gleeck is Fantastic. Super! Outstanding! He tells you what to do, how to do it, and he sets you in motion for success. A day with Fred Gleeck is a day on the road to success."

Dr. Ellen Ettinger

I personally consider this audio series and bonus offer a "win-win" proposition: you'll receive nearly 3 hours of top-level advice on conducting PPC campaigns from an outstanding marketing expert, PLUS bonuses worth over $500.00 by themselves! There's no way you can lose with this offer.

The price is far less than its value. Perry Marshall is a highly-respect consultant who normally charges hundreds of dollars an hour to help businesses with their online marketing. He specializes in helping those trying to overcome the competition in highly competitive sectors, and knows how to conduct a Google AdWords campaign that puts his clients at the top of the pack.

You'll learn these same methods, as he reveals how it's done, laid out for you in a highly practical manner, for only $77.00

This is the type of information that many pay hundreds of dollars to hear at seminars...but you can hear it for a fraction of this price. I wanted the greatest number of people possible to be able to hear this invaluable advice and finally decided that this price was the lowest I could go.

If you follow Perry's outstanding savvy advice and follow the methods he outlines for you, you can start conducting your own AdWords campaigns, and see your ads come out on top. Your competitors won't know what hit them, as you master the art of creating ads that get high rankings on Google adwords-for much less than most people pay (because you'll know the secret of getting your ad better placement for less money).

Why not order "Maximizing Profits Using Google" -and start running your own AdWords campaigns that will pull in traffic and profits?  I can't think of a better person to learn from than Perry, as he shares with you insider tips that most people never learn about creating ads that get clicked on, that get higher rankings, and that cost you less.

This is one of the most exciting interviews that I've ever conducted. I hope that you'll be one of those who takes advantage of this chance to hear Perry speak-and who starts using the techniques he shares to conduct your own highly successful PPC campaigns.

Here's to creating ads that succeed-and earn for you,

Fred Gleeck

P.S. Perry Marshall is considered a top consultant in Internet marketing, and has helped many clients win over their competition when conducting Google adwords campaigns. You'll learn the same things his clients normally pay hundreds of dollars an hour to learn in this series of 3 tapes, filled front and back, in which he shares how it's done. If you've wanted to see better performance from your PPC campaigns, this tape series is unbeatable for the highly practical information it shares. Why not order your copy of Maximizing Profits Using Google today, and discover how to make sure your Google ads are the ones that get accepted, get ranked-and get clicked on. .

P.P.S. Don't forget, you get 3 bonuses, worth hundreds of dollars themselves when you order your copy of Maximizing Profits Using Google. Perry reveals in these tapes how to create a highly successful "net" from the ad to your landing page that will improve your response rates, and bring you more income.


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